Pristine Management Pte Ltd– We are a Singapore based professional Company which offer top notch services in the fields of:


  • Chandelier & Chihuly Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning & Disinfection

  • Sofa , Mattress & Upholstery Cleaning

  • Office Cleaning

  • Window & Glass cleaning

  • Virusidal Disinfection

  • Pest Control Services


Glass Masters and Pest Marshalls are brand names under our wing which offer premium quality  professional services in the industry today. We pride ourselves on our commitment in delivering excellent service to our clients, thereby gaining a long term relationship due to continued customer satisfaction. Our employees are experienced in complexed work environments and are accustomed to stringent health & safety practices. In addition to the basics, we take great care in safeguarding our customers’ health, property and belongings while on the job.

At Pest Marshalls, our prime concern is to offer the best solution which suits our customer’s needs. Whether its your precious home, office or commercial establishment, we assure you of the best reliable services we can offer. By delivering a full and comprehensive pest management programme we make it possible to prevent pest activity and infestation, using several strategies to achieve long-term solutions.

Components of this system include education, proper waste disposal, structural repair, maintenance, mechanical control techniques, and pesticide application when necessary. An effective program may include the use of pesticides; however, the amount required will likely be reduced.

The method: Inspection, Identification of pests and conditions conducive to their presence, preventive recommendations, evaluation, treatment and ongoing monitoring.

Pest Marshalls work not only within the rules and regulations set out by the Pest Management Association of Singapore but also comply to safety programs, policies and procedures to safeguard our customers health and property.

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